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Some of our favorite projects are our clients’ websites—both redesigns and optimization.

Website Design and Development – We’re proud of the fact that our website designs really reflect the look and feel our clients want, and are geared to their respective target audience, rather than having a “cookie-cutter” approach. We host and maintain most of the sites we’ve designed, and are big fans of Google Analytics. This tells us not only how many visitors the site is attracting, but how they got there, how long they stay, what pages they view, what they click on, whether and when their visit converts into action, and a wealth of other useful marketing information.

Domain Name and Hosting – We provide domain names and hosting for most of our clients. This is certainly an optional service, but most of our clients find it convenient to have a single point of contact for everything related to their website. Communicating with up to 3 different vendors can be frustrating.

Optimization – It is unfortunately not uncommon to see websites that look great but are essentially invisible to search engines like Google and Yahoo. We work with our clients to achieve high search engine rankings, using organic search engine optimization and, when appropriate, paid online advertising. We strongly believe that everything possible should be done to optimize for organic (i.e. free) search before spending a penny on paid search. See our SEO Services page for more information on this.

Maintenance – It’s kind of like medical or dental checkups—unless you get a reminder, it’s easy to forget about keeping current. We help with routine maintenance like new content, photos, and prices. Even minor monthly changes will remind the search engine robots to keep coming back. We also make sure our clients’ sites adapt to changing search patterns.

We offer both monthly contracts and hourly rates.

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