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Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everybody wants their website to appear “above the fold” so that the searcher does not have to scroll down, or worse, click to the next page of search results, to find your site. Ideally, you should not have to pay the search engine to rank well; your site should rank well in the organic, or unpaid listings, on the search page. SEO attempts to help this happen, by considering what the search engines are looking for, what search terms your customers are typing into the search box, and guiding the search engine to relevant content while removing any barriers to the search engine’s indexing of your site.

Good SEO also considers website usability, as the two go hand in hand. That is, if the information the user is looking for is readily available and easy to find, the search engines will also be able to index that information easily and correctly. We incorporate usability research, traffic logs, ranking reports, and other info derived from Google Analytics in order to understand how people are really using your site. Identifying where users are abandoning your site can also indicate areas for improvement.

We offer stand-alone SEO reports (i.e. audits of existing sites) or SEO incorporated as part of a website development project. Our SEO services include:

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