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The Original Search Engine – We’ve always focused on search-based advertising. When we started out in the early 1980s, print yellow pages (PYP) was the best and only local search engine around. Print yellow pages remains an important component in some markets and virtually irrelevant in others.

Transition to Digital– Consumer media behavior varies a lot depending on the particular product or service, market, and target demographic. Specifically, the more urban and wired an area, the more rapid that transition has occurred. Ultimately, it all comes down to cost per lead and quality of the lead. We work with our clients to make the transition from print to digital at a rate that reflects where their customers are looking.

Testing, Testing – One of the most effective tools in assessing the quantity and quality of the leads generated by a PYP ad is smart test numbers, which we use liberally. These are unique numbers which appear only in a given ad, and they provide a wealth of information about the calls that ad generates. Not only do we get the number of calls—those kinds of test lines have been around for a long time—but we see the time, date and length of the call; the caller’s number (unless blocked) and type of service; and whether and how quickly the call was answered. With many services, we also have the ability to record every call. For some of our clients, besides helping us decide how to adjust the ad buy, this enhanced testing service has been an invaluable coaching and training tool.

Experience & Value – We know more about yellow pages than you would probably ever want to know – ask us anything! We have great relationships with all the major publishers, and we deliver one of the highest effective discount rates in the business.

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