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Internet Yellow Pages (IYP)

Every month nearly 200 million people in the US use the internet to find local products and services. This traffic includes:

IYP sites have grown in usage and importance and now contribute over 80 million monthly visits. An IYP user is more "ready to buy" than someone researching on Google or Yahoo – 84% contact the business, and 62% make a purchase.

Some other IYP advantages:

IYP traffic varies dramatically depending on the site and the market. We monitor the relative performance of the major IYPs for traffic, affiliations, features and rates, and place our clients’ advertising on the sites most effective for their target markets.

The IYPs tend to have heaviest usage in those markets where their parent company is the designated local utility company. Here’s a rundown of the top 4: / (AT&T) (Verizon) (Yellowbook USA) (Dex/Qwest)

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