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Email Marketing

Email marketing is another important component of a robust permission-based marketing and advertising program.

Email marketing vs. direct mail – Email is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your customers—current, past and potential. The advantages of email marketing compared with traditional bulk mail are dramatic:

Besides, as one of our clients said, who wants to pay to send their customers junk mail?

Email marketing best practices – There are many email marketing companies to choose from, but you do want to use email marketing software and not try a DIY approach, like cut and paste 10 or 20 email addresses at a time. There are some serious legal restrictions, and a good vendor can make sure you don’t end up in violation. Here are some general recommendations:

Grow your list at every opportunity – Unlike direct mail, the cost of expanding your list is negligible. So grow it at every point of contact with your customer:

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